Wife Pulled A Trick

My wife recently let me know that one time, and she stressed one time, she was ****** for money.

She and a couple friends were playing a truth or dare game while on holiday when she picked the dare and they came up with the idea. She figured it was a one night stand with a twist so it wouldn't be a problem. When she found herself at a bar she does say it was much more difficult. All she had did was undo an extra button and wear a slightly shorter skirt but that was enough for guys to see her as a pro. The bar was not that busy and she thought she could get out without going through with it when she was approuched the first time. He talked to her for a bit and then asked if she was into S&M. He wanted a belt around her neck as he *** ****** her. That was putting her off the idea but he took the no as an answer and left.

There was a couple older guys that acted interested but were just playing their own game. She was leaving when she was met by an older businessman. He was uncertain about what to do or say so she talked for a bit. He had a hotel room and although she decided to try and go through with it. In his room he asked how much and she managed to ask for a hundred for a suck and ****. He had never used a pro before and as he didn't know what to expect he was happy with her.

He gave directions and she ******** nude while he jerked off. His **** was average and she knew she could take it and was getting wet herself. Then he started calling her names. She was a **** **** and a *****. He made her suck him and wanted to know how many ***** she had tasted which was making him act rougher. By the time he told her to get on the bed he was a different guy and ****** her roughly, slamming her **** every stroke, pulling her **** and calling her his **** sucking *** bag. He was able to **** far longer then she thought and what she didn't expect was he made her *** twice. The second time she did her classic close her eyes and arch her back which made him **** her faster. At the last moment she realized one thing she forgot and he came in her without a condom.

Once he was done he couldn't get rid of her fast enough and she had to find her own hotel full of *** with her makeup and hair showing everyone she had just been ******.
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You have a very adventurous wife!

She was lucky. It could have ended badly. At least she got some good memories and a couple or ******* out of it.