Early Marriage

I started dating my wife when she was 13 and I was 16 and we broke up and made up a number of times during that period. When together, we had sex very frequently with either one of us always initiating something as it seems we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We never did anything without her blowing me first and then we'd **** like rabbits. As a matter of fact, we never went more than two days without sexual contact. We married three years later at ages 16 & 19. Right after we were married (within 1st couple months), she told me she wanted me to know everything about her and proceeded to tell me of all her sexcapades that took place when we would break up. As it turned out, during the periods we broke up and were apart, she went out with over 200 guys and she had sex with all of them and she did everything you can think of. You can imagine my mental state listening to her tell me her experiences. I had such a *****, I was in pain until I ****** her (repeatedly). I don't think she even realized how turned on I was and unintentionally yet. Seems like I had a permanent hard-on for our first ten years. I didn't even know what a nymphomaniac was let alone how to spell it and she sure taught me. She kept me hard enough to keep up with her too. She loved to blow and make guys *** in her mouth, on her face or on her lips. One experience she told me about concerned her getting picked up on Main St in our home town by two fellows while she was standing in front of a popular restaurant. One of them had an apartment above the place. They talked her into going upstairs and as soon as they got in the apartment proceeded to grab her and fondle her and kiss her. Before she knew it, her clothes were off and she was laying on the table with one guy ******* her ***** and the other pumping her mouth with her head off the table so she could see his balls upside down. She later confessed to me (with my urging) that the sensations of having two ***** at the same time with her ******* being squeezed and pinched was just exquisite. She said they then traded places and right after one would *** in her mouth, the other came around and throatfucked her until he came. It was all over in about 45 minutes and when they were done with her, simply told her to get dressed and leave. She told me she rather enjoyed the experience despite the brusque sendoff. This was only one of many experiences she told me about.
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Nothing gets me harder than hearing her tell of her past experiences AND watching her have new ones.

My wife's "number" is only about half of your wife's, but I absolutely LOVE hearing her tell about her experiences.

Bet it makes your mouth water as well as other things...

Oh yes!!!! My **** gets hard just THINKING about some of them.

Ohhh, I had that very same problem to the point that's all I thought about. It became such an obsession I talked about ******* and blowing everybody everytime I got her horny and before I knew it, it was happening before my eyes. You know something, what if she did that on purpose???? Manipulate me, make me want it so she could have it. I think I adore her anyway...

What a sexy minx. Sounds like my wife though she will not divulge any of her stories, though know there are many, from when she was in college and since.

Yes, she's quite sexy as well as being a minx. Hearing her stories was one thing and then actually watching her and sharing experiences with her was the ultimate

i am fun girl

I'd sure love to have fun with you!!!

Wow, she started out young if she got ****** by 200 men between 13 and 16. And she was jail bait for a lot of men

I didn't believe her at first since it seemed so incredible but I certainly grew to believe her since I saw her in action! Who needs ****...she's totally deliciously obscene....

I agree. Watching your wife is the hottest ****.

Hot story! sounds like you have a awesome wife.

Her favorite pastime is to blow! And I love to watch her. She is such a turn-on. All she has to do is even suggest it and I'm ready because she certainly is. By the way, did I mention she LOVES being used?

200 guys in that short of period! damn, did she ever get any rest! Your stories are amazingly arousing! Sounds like shes damn good at sucking on ***** too? you've had a life time of hot thrills! Lucky man!

She's just freakin yummy...

You have to post many photos of this sexy woman!

Damn! That sounded really hot! :)

She had tears in her eyes when she was telling me and so I naturally hugged her close to me and comforted her as I fondled and caressed her and then boned her brains out.

Convincing her that you were ok with her past and loved her no matter what she said or did is not an easy task. Getting through that brought you two closer together.

You're quite right...and...it also made me wild with desire, wanting to have her every which way possible, and which I did...