I Think It Happens More Than They Are Telling Us

When i was dating my ex wife we got into many drunken conversation about our past sexual adventures. Somewhere down the line she eventually told me about a night on the jersey shore that she vaguely remembers but she was pissed off at her ex boyfriend and got so drunk at a party and ended up getting ****** by 4 guys. I found it pretty erotic and got so turned on.

Then recently i was dating a girl and we often talked about wild things we have done. She told me stories of a couple ********** that she had in the past. But over time she told me a couple of stories. Once on a cruise she slept with a bunch of guys over a 4 day period. And once in Vegas she went back to a room with 3 other guys and another girl.

Good stuff as far as i am concerned.

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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

That's always good stuff! My wife's told me so ****-raisers too...