My Wifes Stories Turn Me On

when my wife was a young hottie she worked in a shoe shop and there was a guy who worked with her. she was seeing someone else but enjoyed flirting with him and every time she went down to the storeroom he followed when she tells me this story i get rock hard imagining the guy wanting her and what he must have felt like down in the store whe they chatted and got real close before the touching started she said it was just the odd pat on the backside to start with then she would squeeze his bum as he walked passed and fro then on the touching became more intense rather than just brushing past each other his hands would slide down her back and grab at her bum until one day he reached around and groped her breast my wife was happy to let him and my heart pounds when she tells me this and i think of another guy feeling her sexy body anyway it progressed to her giving him handjobs in work and then even though she was eeing another guy she started calling round to his place and would give him blow jobs my wife isnt as naughty now but im working on getting that young girl back again so i can hopefully someay watch her but in the meantime i love hearing about my wifes sexual past
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3 Responses Aug 14, 2010

I also get turned on when I hear of my wife's sexual past. Back when she was in college she had a few guys she would service orally on a regular basis. She would go to their rooms and drop to her knees upon entering. It turns me on thinking of how dirty she was.

Good story, I have not heard too much about my wife's past except that she lost her virginity at 15 in the middle of a field, than was mad at him.

it makes for a nice memory.