Wife Shares Sexual Past

I joined this group after recently my wife recently started sharing her sexual past with me. We are just a normal young married couple and had never really discussed it previously however in recent times she had grown more inquisitive about my history before confessing it turned her on. This surprised me to say the elast but just as surprising I found it turned me on too.

As it turns out she had a period in her life where she tried a few things. We live in Australia and first met right before she left to travel through Europe on a 8 month working holiday. We never really addressed commitment etc whle she was away as it was a difficult subject and so was left unresolved. Upon her return we again met up and eventually married. It is this period away that she used as an opportunity to explore.

She has not yet told me all the stories but i've decided to share them as she reveals more.

Her first experience was while on holiday in Ireleand where she was travelling on a tour. She met up with a group of young guys in a bar in Dublin and quickly made friends with a guy named Jimmy. A lot of drinks later she was dancing with him and he eventually kissed her. She was a bit conflicted given our ongoing communication & unsure of our commitment so she was a bit taken back. Eventually though she relaxed and continued to kiss him. It was not long before he invited her to his place and she decided to go.

At his place they kissed for a while and she decided that she would not have sex with him but instead give him a *******. They fooled around on the bed, undressed and she started to **** him before moving down and sucking him. To this point she had only been with 3 men in her life and she recalls she was very horny doing this in a new coutnry with a foreign guy. She sucked him for a while and when he came swallowed! She soon left to return to the hostel

I actually enjoyed hearing this and it has improved our sex life since. She has shared a few other stories since and I''ll share them soon.

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3 Responses Sep 18, 2010

She sounds like a hottie!!

wow! swallowing a guy she just met! she is adventurous!

nice story. Lets hear the rest of them!!