Wife's First ********* Experience

This is a brief account of my wife's first ********* experience. I'd
love to say that I was a part of it, but unfortunately it happened
before I met her. I'm trying to get her to let me bring in other
guys/couples to join us in the bedroom now, so hopefully that'll happen...

My wife Cheri is a a sexy, bubbly and outgoing woman, 5'6 with
brunette hair, with nice b/c cup breasts and a nice ***. She was a
little slimmer in her high school days, and she was one of the wilder
girls in her class. The group she hung out with were notoriously easy
(read: slutty) and were the girls who had the rumors about ******* the
whole hockey team passed around about them, probably deservedly so.
She was on the fringe of that group, but already had quite the
reputation by the time her senior year rolled around. That's when
this story takes place.

She had a grandmother who lived not far from her school, and she would
frequently hang out there after school with friends since she lived
way out in the country, her grandparents were rarely home during the
day. So this warm spring afternoon, she's hanging out in the basement
with a guy she kinda liked (we'll call him Chris) and his friend
(named Matt). They had been watching TV for a while, and talking, and
paying her a lot of attention and no doubt being suggestive with her
(she may or may not have been making out with Chris a little) when
Chris said he was going to go upstairs and get a snack. Matt stepped
outside to have a cigarette.

Chris soon returned with some cookies, which he and Cheri started to
snack on. Then Chris turned to Cheri and asked her if she'd "like
some milk with her cookies" to which she almost immediately said "yes"
(she still can't say no to a guy to this day). They made out for a
short while and then she quickly got down on her knees in front of
Chris, who was sitting on the couch, and got his **** out of his
pants. She stroked his **** and played with his **** a little bit
before she took it all in his mouth. She was giving Chris some of her
expert *********** when she noticed Chris looking in the direction of
the stairway - at Matt, who had returned from his smoke break... not
missing a beat, she let Chris' **** slip out of her mouth, looked at
him with her best "**** me" eyes and said "why don't you come join us"

God how I want to hear her say those words again...

Anyhow, so Matt comes over, and she resumes sucking Chris' ****. Matt
starts kissing her on the head, neck, back, and runs his other hand
down her body until he reaches the bottom of her skirt, which he
quickly slides his hand under. He started rubbing her ***** through
her panties, which caused her to start moaning wildly. His fingers
slipped easily into her sopping ***** and he pounded her pretty good
with his hands, until she finally had to tell him to stick his ****
into her. She's great with the dirty talk, so I can imagine how that
went... so Matt pulls aside her panties and flips up her skirt, and
slides into her. He pounded her for a few minutes and then finally
came all over her ***. At about the same time, she was just
swallowing Chris' load too, and both guys collapsed. She said she
wasn't sure how many times she had ***, but said she knew it was a

After sitting for a little while, Cheri got Chris hard again with her
mouth and hands, and climbed on top of him on the couch and started
riding his tired ****. At about this point, Matt complained about not
getting his **** sucked. Cheri told him to get over by her on the
couch, which he quickly did, and she took his **** into her mouth too,
sucking their juices off his **** and taking her second load into her
mouth. She rode Chris for just a little longer, and then he shot his
second load into her stretched ***** and that sent Cheri off again,
and she collapsed onto Chris on the couch. The three of them sat
there for a little bit, then went upstairs and cleaned up, and then
went home.

She never did end up dating Chris, but she did **** him on several
occasions after their *********.
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6 Responses Aug 12, 2011

WoW chris was a lucky guy id love too eat out your wifes lovely ***** and **** her with my big **** !

Very hot! I wish my ex had had any stories like this to share with me... but we were both virgins when we first met.

i love stories like this. u are lucky!

she really is.. love to chat about her on IM, happymadcouple2 on yahoo and MS Live IM. Drop us a line!

What a great story! You're a lucky dude. Too bad you weren't a fly on the wall.

If she were my wife I'd ask her to recount that story every night! Very hot.