My Wife Was A **** And I Love It--part 2

I posted a story a while back and mentioned how my wife had an affair with her boss, who was married and 25 years older than her. She was about 20 at the time. Turns out, this was her thing. She liked the taboo. She like doing guys she shouldn't. Older, married, her boss, sometimes all of the above LOL. She also had a thing for black guys. She still does. Not that thats a bad thing, but for a white girl from a rich conservative family, she said her dad would have killed her.

She admitted to me that, yes, the two biggest ***** she had were both black guys. The first guys was 6-6 and played college basketball when she went to university. She told me they went out a few times as friends. Turns out he was really shy and she had to make the first move. Apparently the first time they were together was just oral, because when she saw how large he was it actually freaked her out. They did sleep together a few times, but she said he was so big it was hard to enjoy it.

A couple years later she's bartending at a dance club and met another black guy who she started dating. From what I understand he wasn't hung quite like the first dude, but he was large and in charge. This is the guy I recently found out, that she gave BJ to in the stall of the guys bathroom at a bar. I asked her to describe it to me, and she said she was really drunk and they were making out on the dance floor and she actually pulled his **** out on the dance floor! They went into the bathroom where she said she got down on her knees and gave the dude a BJ til he went off in her mouth. She said later on they went home and he ****** her some more...god I love my Wife!
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mmm nice j/o story