Her Untold Story

My wife has told me of 4 lovers in high school, 3 in college, and of 3 affairs during first marriage. She doesn't go into much detail, preferring to save her energy for wild ******* and satisfying me physically in everyway after my questioning. Recently, an old baseball teammate called and said he was in town. After a couple of drinks at our place, the three of us went dinner. Kathy and Tom got on together quite well, even dancing a couple of times. This was turning me on a bit and I told Kathy this. She reached beneath the table and said, "me too". She hurriedly said that in college she had a ********* and she would be willing to do this again. My **** almost ripped through my pants. I said make it happen, just before he returned and I went to the bathroom. They were dancing and having a great time. We then danced and she told me that he didn't want a ********* but if he could spend the night then they could meet up when I passed out. I asked her if she wanted to do this and she smiled and said "yes I do". I said ok, but only on the condition you share every last detail with me. She kissed me deeply saying "I'll share everything, even details on past boyfriends". How could I say no? And, she is true to her word about sharing every little detail. Details of that night were delicious as are details of old boyfriends and even details of some previously unmentioned guys who must have "slipped through the cracks". This has become part our foreplay, resulting in sexual pleasure beyond my wildest dreams!
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Ahhhh, so she is opening up to you. when did this happen? and now that it has, let her drive it forward. Now that she knows you can handle it and is sexually exciting to you, she'll tell you more, no doubt in my mind about that.<br />
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