Hottest Story My Wife Ever Told Me

I just stumbled upon this group and it brought back many memories of my wife Cathy, whom I lost a few years back. We used to tell each other about our past exploits to arouse each other even more when we were in bed together. The more details that she shared, the better I liked it. I remember one that always pushed me over the edge. It happened while she was on a business trip to Chicago before we met.

She was living with a guy who ignored her needs sexually and she was becoming quite frustrated.with him. She was in Chicago one night, alone in her room when she decided that she needed to be ******.She picked out an outfit that was sure to draw attention. Short black skirt, dark stockings, no panties, and a white low cut blouse that showed off her **** to the max and still resembled good taste. She went to the hotel bar and ordered a drink. While sitting at the bar she drew the attention of a mid thirties gentleman who came to sit next to her.

He bought her a couple of drinks, they shared stories, and she made sure that he got the appropriate (or inappropriate) peeks at her gorgeous thighs and ample cleavage. She was there for one reason; to tease him until he had to **** her. She crossed and uncrossed her legs to give him a nice leg show, which he seemed to appreciate. Finally he asked if she would like to have dinner with him amd of course she said yes. They hopped in a cab, and as he helped her in she made sure to spread her legs a bit too far apart and she caught him trying to get a glimpse of her *****.

He was a perfect gentleman as they sat and had dinner together before hailing a cab to take them back to the hotel. Once again she gave him a great leg show while entering the cab. Finally, while driving back to the hotel he made his move and began to passionately kiss her. He then began to tell her how his wife didn't understand him and all of the usual b.s. that comes with that line.She quieted this nonsense by looking him in the eye, placing his hand on her wet *****, and telling him "I don't want to marry you, I just want to **** you". (this is where I would usually lose it and *** deep inside her *****)

When they entered her room, they didn't make it to the bed before he had her on the floor in the entryway. He had his **** inside of her drenched ***** in a flash and ****** her right there with all of their clothes still on. She told me that she came about three times before they made it to the bed. He came as well, but his **** never lost it's hardness. When they finally made it to the bed she showed him her expertise as a **********. There is nothing that she enjoyed more than sucking a stiff ****. The bedding beneath her ***** would become drenched when she sucked ****, and many times she would *** by just feeling a man unload his **** into her mouth. They spent the rest of the evening ******* and sucking like newlyweds.

She went home well ****** and a week later moved out of her unattentive boyfriend's apartment.
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56-60, M
Jul 27, 2012