Not Once, But Twice......

I love all of her stories of course, but every once in a while something just gets the blood pumping a little more than other times. It could be the drinking factor, or the dirty “just **** me” way about her or perhaps the willingness to have him *** inside of her that does the trick. This is one of those stories. Enjoy :)

….......Kevin was one of my main make out buddies for a long time before we ever had sex, which pretty much means almost all the way, but not quite. In the summer before i turned 18 i was at a small town dance and Kevin was there.  He looked so good and he always made me laugh.  He didn't dance and i loved to dance so we didn't really get to hang out together but every time i looked his way i saw him looking at me.  He watched me most of the night, until he finally approached me. 

He always called me “his girl”.  i'd just laugh at him and say if i'm his girl then why is it the only time i hear from him is when i'm drinking and he thinks he may have a shot of getting into my pants. He would laugh and ask how much i had to drink so far because at some point he's hoping he'll get lucky and i'll have had just the right amount.  Well, that night i was pretty damn close so i told him two more beers and we shall see.  He handed me a beer and then about 10 minutes later he handed me another one.  i laughed and asked if he was in a hurry.  He said oh yeah he was,  he said if there was a chance that i would even let him kiss me then it was worth the wait. We flirted back and forth for awhile and then i headed outside because it was hot in the bar and i wanted some air and waved for him to follow me. We stood out by his car talking and laughing and flirting.  He asked if i wanted to go for a ride and i explained that i needed to let my sister know that i was leaving for awhile 'cause I knew what he was asking for.  He told me that if i wanted to i could just tell her that he would give me a ride home.  i looked him up and down for a minute biting my lip and then i said yeah, that i would do that. 
Once i told my sister, i went back and Kevin was waiting for me.  We got in his car and we drove around talking about school and such.  He seemed so nervous and i thought it was funny.  i finally asked him to pull over so i could pee.  i got out went potty and when i got back in and he didn't restart the car.  He just sat there looking at me and then he started getting all mushy and talking about how much he missed me.  i told him that i didn't need to hear all that from him, it was sweet and all, but since this could be the last time that we ever did anything like that again maybe he could just kiss me. He said "well hell if that’s what you want i can deliver".

He slid across the seat and started kissing me and i have to say, he was a great kisser. He didn't stop there, he went a little wild and just started grabbing and rubbing me places that i really really liked, which of course made me rub him in lots of different places that he really liked.  Before i knew it, my pants were pushed down, my shirt was pushed up and my bra was unhooked.  In the fury of movement, i got his pants unbuttoned and unzipped and took his **** in my hand.

He had a small car and as much as we tried, we couldn't get our sexy parts rubbing together in the right spots so he open his car door and climbed out. He then pulled me out by my feet until he got me far enough out that i could stand on my own with my pants and panties down around my knees. We just stood there in the middle of the rock road with our pants down around our knees laughing with my bra unhooked and sliding down my arms.  We were definitely drunk! But we still thought we could work it out, so we scooted to the trunk of the car and i bent over the trunk and spread my legs as far as i could. 

He bent over my body rubbing his already hard **** against my bare *** kissing and licking and biting my neck while he fingered me from behind. i reached my hand over and grabbed his **** and gave him a hand-job while he got me wet and ready.  i wanted to taste him before he got inside me so i leaned over and got his **** nice and wet with my mouth.  He pulled out of my mouth and said “no more of that” because it would make him *** and he wanted to *** inside me.  He said he hoped that i would *** quick because he wasn't going to last long once he was inside my *****. i said “why don't we try it and we'd find out”.  Turns out, he was right. i didn't *** before he did haha he really didn't last long at all and i mean at all!.  He slid in and then he came in me.  He didn't even pump once.  He really did feel horrible about it. i honestly believe he started ******* before he pushed in but he really want to *** inside me and i really wanted to give that to him.  But, he was a gentleman and he did finger **** me until i came. It took a few minutes as i stood knees apart, standing on the road and my *** against the back of his car with his fingers working in my *****. i just held onto his neck and waited for it to wave over me and eventually it did. in doing so however, he got hard again and he pulled off one of the legs of my jeans and sat me up on the trunk of the car where he got between my legs and slid in again.  He pumped maybe twice before he was ******* again and he pulled out and finished his load on my leg and the trunk of his car.  we giggled about it for a minute as we were pulling up our pants and then we got back in the car and he took me home. we kissed goodbye and that was it.
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