She Was 19.....

This fine fellow was the 18th man she took into her since loosing her v-card at 16. I don't know about you, but that just turns Me on like crazy. Ladies and gentleman, number 18. Enjoy ;)

This happened one night when i just turned 19yrs old and i was working at the restaurant.  i met this guy (i dont remember this name) he was nice but he was an older 30 something, good looking man. He had been in a few other times and we had chatted a little. That night we were flirting heavily and by the end of the night he asked me if i wanted to come back to his house to talk or watch tv. i knew he didn't want to watch tv or talk to me, he wanted to **** me.  i told him i didn't think that would be a very good idea but he wrote down his address and told me if i changed my mind the door would be unlock and i should come in and find him.  After work i drove home and sat in my car and thought about it. i had the choice of going into my apartment and going to sleep or going to his apartment and getting screwed and then going home and going to sleep. i was wide awake and horny so i thought, why not?
i drove the few blocks to his place and parked my car.  i was a little nervous about just walking in but i did it.  i went to the door and turned the knob and sure enough it was unlocked i walked in and he wasn't watching tv.  He wasn't in the living room at all.  There was an open door and i went to it and looked in.  He was laying in his bed and from what i could see he was at least bare from the neck down to the blankets at his waist. He looked at me when i walked in and said he didn't think i show up. i asked him why then did he leave the door unlocked?  He said wishful thinking on his part. i laughed and he asked me if i wanted him to get up so we could go out to the other room. i told him no i didn't. i started taking off my clothes and he watched me closely.

Once i got down to my panties and bra i started walking to the bed but he stopped me and said no, if sex was all i came for then he wanted the whole show.  i paused and looked at him for a moment still looking into his eyes and reached behind me and unhooked my bra dropping it to the floor. i pushed my panties down and stepped out of them.  i walked to his side of the bed and he said that's his side and i should go to the other.  Wow, i was really turned on by his tone and the way he looked at me. i walked around the bed and waited for him to push the blankets back and out of the way.  i laid down and rolled onto my side, he rolled over to his side and said, "why did you come here little girl?"  i said i didn't know. he wouldn't let me off with that. he said fine, when i figure it out let him know but in the mean time i should know that he could smell me and how turned on i was. we laid there looking at each other until i finally said please kiss me and he asked if that was all i wanted.  i said shook my head no but i'd like to start there. So he kissed me with long wet intense kisses. He had a beard so i felt the hair and i loved it. He didn't touch me anywhere else, he just kissed me until i started trying to rub on him and he stopped and said i had to ask for everything i wanted.  He said if i would have told him before i got in the bed or when he asked me he would have just taken over but because i said i didn't know, id have to ask for anything i wanted.
i started slow.  i asked him to touch me on my back. So he started kissing me again and rubbing circles on my back. i asked him to kiss and bite my neck, and then touch my breasts, pinch my nipples, suck my nipples, put his finger between my legs, put his finger inside of me and **** me with it. Then i asked him if i could touch him and he said any way i wanted too i could. i touched his arm and ran my hand down it to where his fingers were inside of me and felt him pumping them in and out of me, the feel of his fingers covered with my wetness was very exciting. i touched his face and neck. i touched his chest and ran my fingers though the hair. i kissed and bit his nipples and he told me there was something better that i could use my mouth on and when i moved up to kiss him he said that wasn't where he was thinking about and he pushed my shoulders down so that i could take his **** into my mouth and he told me just what to do..suck..lick..suck deeper..rub my hand up and down while i sucked..he was so nicely shaped..he wasn't so big that it scared me but big enough that i knew my 19 year old body would be sore after.
He pushed me on to my back and climbed in between my legs and started pushing in.  i had to ask him to stop a couple times so i could adjust and breathe. His **** would push inside and i would put my hands on his chest or on his hips to stop him or to try to reposition myself. Once he was about half way in i think he thought i was going to stop him again because he grabbed my hips and slammed into me and all of the sudden he was balls deeps and i could feel him from my *** to my ****. It was amazing when he started moving.  It hurt but it felt so good. He rode me hard, driving my body into the bed with my legs up in the air while he and sucked and bit my nipples. Then he rolled me over and took me from behind. He ****** me so slow and i think he was watching his **** slide in and out because he would pull almost all the way out and then slid slowly back in. He did it over and over until he started going faster and faster and made the call that he was going to ***. i couldn't hold myself up under his weight as he emptied himself inside of me. He laid on me for a moment while we caught our breath then he rolled off and i got up and started putting on my clothes. He told me goodnight and walked me to the door and i said the same.
i didn't work at there much longer after that, a couple days maybe but he was in one night and he invited me again but sadly i already had plans to go to a party and i didn't think he'd be very comfortable with my group of friends and i knew they wouldn't be comfortable with him. after that, i never saw him again.
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Sep 15, 2012