My Wife's Teasing Past

When we first married - and while we were in bed - my wife recounted how she had played with the ***** of some 18-20 guys. She made a large number of them ***, but won't admit to sucking any. I can tell you, however, that she was so good at giving head when I started dating her that my very first thought was that she must have blown a lot of guys. She also told me that she only went all the way with one of the dudes - and I think that was a really bad experience.

Nonetheless, when I asked which of the remaining guys she wished she would have ******, she always replied - and does to this day - "All of them!"

It's her experience and her continued response that makes me think all her recent stories about cheating on me or how she would cheat on me are actually true.
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she has definitely been spreading it around over the past several years. There is too much hard domination / control for this to be just her playing a role. seems like you really got what you wanted. You really need to post some photos of this hot wife - she probably has lots of photos of her doing other guys on her phone that he has taken.

My wife admitted to 14 guys then 28 then to her swinging days and fantasy fulfillment days! Finally there were over 100!! My first wife the same thing, there was 6 then there was 12! If yours said 18-20 ?

Great story, and enjoyed all the updates below too.

It sounds like you desperately want to hear about her experiences both past and present, but something about her background and societal norms won't let her be honest with you. Or it's the taboo, sneaking around, and lying that are a big part of the fun for her.

My wife had a similar past to yours, a mix of experiences but a short list of guys she's slept with, and talents that seemed somehow disproportionate to her alleged limited experience. And despite being very open-minded with a large sexual appetite at times, she has always been reluctant to get into details, other than when I've managed to get her EXTREMELY turned on.

Suffices to say that she has also cheated on me twice; once while she was my still my mistress, and once after we'd been married for a few years. Both times she lied like a pro until the bitter end, and if I hadn't known many of the details beforehand she may have been able to continue to convince me otherwise.

Her sudden yet sustained interest in specific positions and 'fantasies', along with a noticeable change in sexual technique ("best ever blow job from her"), are obviously strong indications that she's either cheating, or (less likely) watching a lot of ****.

To be honest, if you are giving her this much honesty, openness, and encouragement about your desires (it must be painfully obvious to her that this turns you on by now), and she still hasn't been able to tell the full truth by now, then she probably never will. That's what leads me to believe she gets off on being a "secret ****". While sharing the details would enhance some relationships, obviously sharing with you takes a lot of the thrill out of it for her. For lack of a better comparison, it's kind of like that thrill when you were a teenager, lied to your parents and got away with something.

Having been on both ends of cheating, I know several techniques for you to gather information about what she does, who she talks to, what is said, etc. If you're serious about finding out more about her activities (for thrills, potential divorce evidence, both, etc.), drop me a private message to discuss.

Will send you a PM next week.

Did you marry my wife?? ;)

sounds great, you must be infatuated with her, and how, does she cuckold you?

Has she cheated on you?

Wow. Love the story. Why did she never f***k them?

There was only 2 guys my wife had that were smaller than me. The others as far as she knows all used magnum xxl condems. Only once did she refuse to **** a guy because he was too big

Definitely sounds like my wife. She went more than a little wild in college after leaving a very repressed family life in high school.

I agree with the statements made by Wittoli because my first wife did exactly the same thing. She was ******* many guys and lying to me all the time we were married. She would absolutely deny any sex with them. I was fine with her sexual experiences but she still wold not admit them, particularly with black guys. I like your story and think you have a hot wife.