Stacy's Stories

My wife and I started dating when we were in jr hs. A couple of times we broke up and dated other people. I stayed a virgin, but I learned later that Stacy had sex with some men.

Lately, I asked her to tell me about some of the other boys and men she'd slept with. She was always reluctant to talk about these things because she says it makes her sound like a ****.

The other night she had some guests. These are men who work for her construction company. These three men have very big ***** and Stacy likes to have all three of them inside her at once. After they finish, she always makes me lick her clean. If I do a very good job, she will let me **** her, but I can only last one or two minutes when I feel a man's ***** inside her.

Stacy this night let me **** her and then was sitting on Pedro's big ****. Tom asked her if she had ever done a group of men when she was younger. She told me when she was a freshman in hs, she wanted to date the captain of the football team. He told her that she would have to suck all his friends before she could go out with him, that is was a tradition.

She and I were dating at the time, but she'd already had sex with about 8 different guys. I didn't know this. But this was a big party and she told me she had to go with her sister and that she could not go out with me. But she would stop by my house after.

She told me they took her upstairs and a group of his friends made her kneel down and suck them. Then the captain of the team ****** her and so did three other guys.

Later she came to my house and we spent some time kissing, but she never let me do anything more. I was not allowed to even touch her breasts.

I learned that two of the men from that night work for her company and she let's them **** her still. She calls them her regulars, because they have ****** her for years now.

She made me kneel on the floor and lick her ***** and Pedro's fat **** while she told this story. One of the men got so excited he asked Stacy if I would suck his ****, but she told him my mouth was busy but he could **** my ***. That really hurt at first, but later it made me hard.

I worry about what she says about me at her job. But the idea those men know excites me.
timmytiny1 timmytiny1
22-25, M
Nov 27, 2012