Wife's Account Of Her Mfm

Lorrie, told me about a wild weekend she had in Nashville before we met.
She said that while partying at a club she met an Italian looking guy that she liked, but he had a friend and he had not met anyone to party with.

The three of them went to a hotel room, and she and the Italian first started making out and then they started removing each others clothing, she ended up allowing the Italian guy to do her doggy style and she gave his buddy a blow job. She ended up switching and banging the other guy and blowing the Italian guy. Both guys also ate her *@##&

She woke up to the Italian guy banging her again before they parted.

I hoped she remembered his name and how to contact him, All she could remember was his first name and he was from New Jersey.
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Well....she's done it once, at least, and sounds like it was a good experience for her. Shouldn't be a huge reach to get her to do it again.

Nice story. My wife had similar stories if u ever wanna hear. Please add me!!!