Stacy's Christmas Party Plans

Stacy is going to mix telling me about her past while ******* her way through this years Christmas parties.

Stacy just gave me a list of Christmas parties we will be attending over the next few weeks. Next to each party is a list of the men she slept with that she thinks will be at that party. She says she is going to try to give everyone a Christmas ****.

She told me Frank said I should think of it as drinking 'eggnog' out of her loving cup, because she always ***** her lovers bareback.

She told me she plans to introduce me as her husband to her old lovers. Then she will tell me when she first started ******* the lover. After that my job is to ask them to please shoot a load of eggnog into my wife's *****.

I have been sitting here for the last two hours thinking about how humiliating this is going to be. Does anyone else's wife do this at Christmas? She told me it will be our new Christmas tradition.

I've *** three times and my **** will not go down.
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Timmy you are such a lucky boy and sound like a very good husband. My Ravi has been 'drinking eggnog' from me during this season. Big Boss and Boss are giving me as a Christmas present to many men. Ravi of course serves drinks and cleans me and the men. A few men have even enjoyed Ravi's bottom while he was licking. Me clean. At. First he did not like. So much but now he gets erection and has ******.

I wish you a merry Christmas and hope your lovely wife can have more and more men.

Just an update. 4 more parties. Lots of guys. Many are coming to parties they have never gone to just because Stacy is there.

She made me hang mistletoe over our bed. She made it clear that all these men are welcome to visit our home anytime, but she also has made it clear she expects them to be helping us. So both our cars got fully serviced and detailed. We have a new lawn service (which doesn't mean much now, but they did come and do some prep for spring. Stacy thanked the entire crew.

So I guess its official that I am a full cuckold. Stacy has been very kind and loving to me, so I guess I should not complain. Lots of these guys are very handsome. Two are discussing a computer business with me, so who knows what comes next.

Our second party was yesterday. Apparently the word is out that Stacy wants her old lovers to attend, because there were 15 men there this time. 6 of them from the other night and 9 more.

The host set up a bedroom just for Stacy. His wife gave him permission to **** her since he was one of her lovers. This time she made me kneel next to the bed. I would kneel in front of the man and take his **** in my mouth while her told me about the first time he ****** Stacy. Nearly everyone ****** her during high school.

We did not get home until this morning. Stacy is upstairs asleep now.

First party was Saturday. 8 of her former lovers were there. She introduced each one to me and we found a room away from the main party. Stacy had me kneel and ask each of the men to please **** her. She told me to kiss each man's **** before he put his **** in her, then thank each man and suck him clean when he finished. She didn't have me lick each ********, because of the number of men and how horny she and they were. But I licked her clean 4 times during and then at the end.

Stacy invited two of the men home for the night and they stayed Sunday and enjoyed her. Two of her other lovers stopped by Sunday as well. One of the men really liked my sucking and complimented Stacy, so she made me suck him until he came in my mouth. I've sucked men before but that was the first time to suck from beginning to end.

Last night Stacy sent everyone home and we slept together. She told me she loved me very much and was pleased with me.