Stacy's First

Stacy just came back from her friend Janey's house. They have been friends since nursery school. When Stacy came in she had this funny expression on her face and pulled me by my ear, so I was on the floor licking her. I could taste the man's *** and asked her who was at Janey's house. I figured Janey let Stacy **** her husband, but she told me she and Janey were visiting Janey's dad and that I was licking his *** out of her *****. I asked her if she had ever ****** him before and she told me he was her first.

Apparently, she and Janey got caught smoking when they were 13. Janey's father turned Janey over his knee and gave her a very hard bare bottom spanking. He sent her to her room to write out why it was bad to smoke and how many times she had smoked and what her punishments should be.

He told Stacy he was going to tell her father. She said she knew her father would take a strap to her and it would be much more painful that Janey's dad's spanking. So she asked if he could punish her and please not tell her dad. He told it it would be a bare bottom spanking and he would give her 40 swats and they would be hard ones.

She pulled down her shorts and panties and set them on the chair and bent over his lap. She said he was very strong and had big hands, but his spanking didn't hurt like her father's strap. Her would give her ten and then rub her bottom for a bit and talk to her telling her she shouldn't smoke and that he wanted her to be a good girl. She told me when he rubbed her bottom it excited her and the spanking made her bottom very hot. She could also feel him poking her because his **** got hard.

When he finished, Stacy knelt on the floor in front of him and took his hand and kissed it, thanking him. He didn't ask, but this was what she traditionally had to do when her father strapped her. When she kissed his hand she could see his **** pushing against his pajamas. She said she kept staring at it, she didn't know why, but it excited her.

He noticed her staring at his **** and she said it got even bigger. She said she kept kissing his hand and thanking him because she didn't want to have him make her put on her shorts. He finally, pulled down his pajamas and she saw his hard ****. He brought her hand to touch it and she said there was this electric tingle in her hand.

Suddenly, she had this urge to kiss it and she started doing that, but didn't know what else she could do, only she wanted to please him and have him say she was a good girl. He told her to take him in her mouth and suck on his **** like it was a lollypop. She said she loved the feel in her mouth and she held it with both hands and licked and suck while he kept saying good girl to her. Then she shot in her mouth. He told her to drink everything down and she did. She looked into his eyes and asked if she did it right and was she really a good girl. She said she felt so happy when he told her she was a very good girl and she pleased him very much.

She kept his **** in her hands and saw some of his *** come out of the tip. So she bent forwards to suck it and she just started to suck him again. After a few minutes, she said she felt this big ache in her ***** and she just knew he should put his **** inside her.

He said he didn't think it was a good idea, but Stacy took his hand and put it between her legs. She doesn't really remember what she said, but the talked for a while as he touched her and she was holding his big **** and squeezing it. Finally he put a blanket on the carpet and put himself inside her. He was very gentle and she said it never hurt at all. She only felt that she loved him and wanted to be his good girl.

Finally, he got near to ******* and told her she would need to take it in her mouth so she wouldn't get pregnant. She did that. and he told her she was a very good girl, which Stacy loved.

Later she learned Janey had seen them. Stacy told me she had sex with Janey's father ever since then. He was her first and her most special. Since his wife died about 6 years ago, she goes to his house every week. Janey finally got him to sleep with her too.

Stacy told me that now I know, she thinks Jim should come to our house for dinner once or twice a week and stay over. She knows I will agree.
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Does Stacy smoke now? I love women that smoke!