Her Past Makes Me Hard

I am so into hearing the past of my wife. My wife has very big **** and she had two bf before we married two years ago.

It was always embarrassed to talk about the past for her. However, one year ago, when she was giving me hand job while she was in a period, I asked her to describe the sex experience with her previous boyfriends that was most unforgettable. And she started to tell how she was well ****** by her previous bf.
My **** was so hard when I heard she was well ****** by him.

Since then, every time when we are having sex I ask her to tell me her to tell me her past sexy stories, experience. How she was ****** by the big **** of her bf.
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You are not alone

I was really shy to tell Tommy about my past when I first met him. He was really open about his and eventually I started to tell him. Now we know everything about each other and often talk about our past experiences to liven up our lovemaking. We also sit together and fantasise about the ladies on E.P.

When my wife and I were early on in our relationships she gave me an overview of her past relationships, both long and short term. I was her 3rd long-term relationship and second to actual intercourse with her.

Over the years she has divulged a little more info. She was a suck **** back in her college days.

But it wasn't until 3 nights ago, while she giving my a hand job and head, that I told her how much those stores turn me on. She's pregnant with our second right now and is on bed rest, thus she can have an ****** or be penetrated.

She seemed Ok with telling me a little more detail, so I asked a lot of questions. She told me about the first time she put a **** in her mouth. The first time she had a guy *** in her mouth. How big her previous boyfriend **** was (9" and barely could wrap her fingers around it - I am 6" and not too thick).

Her answers all drove me crazy until she could talk anymore with my **** in her throat.

What fun. Looking forward to the next time.....

Very, very hot.

I'm very fortunate to have gotten a ton of detail from my wife about her sexual past. I've never had her describe something to me while she stroked me off though. Would love that.

It's exciting to hear that stuff. I ask the same of my fiance often.

My wife used to do that. I miss that

I get extremely horny when my wife tells me about the guys that wanted to **** her when she was a teenager.
During our marriage she has ****** a number of guys in front of me and now when we **** and she talks about the huge ***** that our friends had really gets me super horny.

You are a lucky guy, man. Share me some pics if you want:)

Man I love hearing about my wife's experiences too! She was only with one other guy before me, but he had a huge **** and they probably ****** hundreds of times in the 5-6 years they were going out!

Same here. She was with a guy with very long ****, and everytime when she describes how she got well ****** by that **** I turned on so quickly

My wife has told me about several of the 40+ guys that she was with before me. She really does a good job not showing that side of herself now, but I know deep down it's there.

40+ guys, you are the luckiest guy among them all:)


The best story was the one where she first took on two guys at once, I was so excited to hear about it!