Wife's Past

Few days ago we were discussing with my wife about the mistakes we had made and we would like our kids to avoid. Soon talk turned towards alcohol.

We both felt that partying and getting drunk is not a bad idea, but if we could teach our kids that getting totally wasted is not a good idea (to anyone) it would be great.

Then I asked her, what how many times she has gotten wasted. -Oh, count the times... went home from parties with all sorts of unknown men.

Even when I pressured, she didn't elaborate more, but of course, that got my imagination running
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I know this gives you all kinds of scenarios . Keep asking her at the right times and she'll throw one to you for your reaction.

I bet it did. Just the thought of your wife being taken...used..****** by countless men, perhaps more than one at the same time, is so arousing.

they would use her for their pleasure, things you would never do to her

May have to get her REALLY drunk to get some confessions out in the open....just a thought....

Men are more likely to tell about their sexual escapades than women....but hearing your wife's experiences can be quite a turn on....

With a body like hers, I would imagine it happened quite a few times. Perhaps with more than one man at a time..

How to convince her that these stories are such a turnon. If you figure it out, LET ME KNOW!!!

you know what makes the clothes fall off its just like the song says i used to think she was cheating now i see she couldnt help her self need to buy some more rubbers honey i just bought ya some last week, ya i know only got two left ther gona breed me if ya dont ok ill get some

You are a lucky man to be married to such an exciting Lady.

my wife has ended up having sex with lots of men due to alcohol, even ended up in some bad situations, she has now virtually stopped drinking, which has curtailed a lot of our fun.

Alcohol can help in certain situations

Speaking from personal experience?? Anything recent? ;)

Well, they were out again with working buddies a last weekend... and she looked fabulous as ever in skintight tubedress... but I picked her up from a bar at midnight, so most probably answer to your question is no :)

hmmmm Just because she was done at midnight does not mean nothing happened... ;) Any pics?????? lol ;)

unfortunately I did not take any

Some past GF's use to get a little wild after drinking and avoid drink if they can.
One GF while drunk was kissing another man. When I interrupted them the guy held his hands up and apologise, he GF just turn around and fell into me. She knew what she was doing.
needless to say she did a lot of making to me ! ! ! ! !!
I even ask that I should snogg one of her friends !

Have seen GF's do that at parties as well - it is so hot watching her melt as the guy fondles her body... ;)

Well After my GF's antics at the said party. The next one she had to watch me kiss and fondle one of her friends !

A new game for you both to play! Sounds like a perfect application of don't get mad get even, but in a good, fun way! Have you continued anything like that more recently? Wish I had photos from back then...

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Don't relent - keep asking and you may get a major bonus :-)

My wife would certainly struggle to count the amount of guys she went home with when drunk

Mine has had her share, but few were alcohol influenced. :-_)

Your wife sounds like a very sexy woman, and am from what else you have written am guessing a good wife. From your other stories you use to have some pics of her but have since taken them down. What happened that you removed them?

I keep meaning to put on some new ones but have not sorted them out yet

Lots of ***** in that drunk *****. I'll buy her a drink or two.

I also love to hear my wife tell me about her sex play both before we got married and while we have been married. I love when she tells me about how she enjoyed cheating on me, sucking mens ***** and ******* them, while I was at home with our children.
I also learned to enjoy watching my wife suck other mens ***** and **** them.

i know what ya mean i think its the honesty that turns us men on i can hardly control my self when she tellme of her past lovers and quickies in back seats

I just love hearing about a wifes previous sex stories.

you are not going to achieve by knowing her past, she hot. Just enjoy her, she is with you now, thats what matter.

sounds like she's no stranger to taking lots of ****, maybe sometimes several at once......