My Wife Has Had Sex With About 30 Men

So with about 3 times as many people as me! Given she has had a few long term relationships and met me when she was 26, that's a lot of one night stands or casual bunk-ups.

I get really turned on when she tells me about guys she has ******. She told me she had phone sex with an ex in a long distance relationship, which was hot. Also that she once wanked off a male friend in a tent and he did the same for her. No kisses, just groping and ************ each other! And she once told me about a guy she only slept with because of rumours about the size of his **** (it was big but not THAT big), he kissed her all over and went down on her, then she got on top and ****** him till they both came.

All these stories are such a turn on. It's imaging her feeling as they did her, their feelings as they lusted her,their mouth on her ****, their fingers inside her *****. It is a thrill to know about 20 or 30 ***** have *** inside my wife, that she has sucked and wanked so many men off and maybe some of them still **** over it. I certainly do!
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It always drives me to crazy to think of wife's past. I love hearing stories or imagining her getting hot and *******, sucking, or being naughty with some other guys. Even now, I love her getting excited and hot, thinking about some guy or some situation! There is nothing gets me harder than her being flirty or slutty...or hearing about times when she was!!!

I know what you mean. It is such a turn on imagining her in those situations, getting wet and coming with someone else. And her fantasies. A few weeks ago my wife read **** about a woman being caught ************ thinking someone else by her partner and I rubbed her off at the same time. In the story the guy was calling his gf a dirty ***** as he fcked her and telling her to imagine it was the other guy's ****. My wife came really fast and then made me **** her.

I get so hard when I think of how many guys have seen her naked, touched her ***** and made her come. How many dicks have exploded in her hand, her mouth, between her legs as she thrust against them? How many have secretly tossed off thinking about her, how many have *** on her breasts, how many have watched her **********? She tells me she has done that in front of loads of guys. How many have licked and tasted her, how many dicks has she tossed off, how many has she seen....does she think of them and touch her ****, does he long for a different **** coming inside her?She's the dirtiest lay I have ever had and all those lucky guys have had the same pleasure from her body, her hands, her *****...

She came home drunk the other night and I found her lying on the bathroom floor where she tried to get undresses. Knickers half off, shaved ***** exposed. I was trying to get her up but found myself getting hard. She liked it and she started to undress me then kiss my balls. She looked such a ****. I took her to bed and sucked her **** and licked her ****, then ****** her, she rolled over so she was on top and thrust really hard until we both came

Come to think of it she was very wet!

She looked such a **** lying there with her knickers half off.

She masturbates a lot during the day too, am always coming home to find the google search history deleted and no internet activity that day when I know she has been online. She used to be quite open about looking at erotica sites and even lesbian ****. The sudden secrecy is intriguing, she even seems to have downloaded some private browsing software at some point... And clearly does not want me
Knowing what her net searches are anymore!

Not sure how to do that. It does sometimes seem that chatting is the next step up from **** and that did cross my mind.

There is yes...

Wow....what an arousing thought!

I bet she does. I once said to her in bed to imagine I was someone else. I was fingering her at the time and she told
me to be quiet while she focused. Then she started grinding really hard on my hand, then turned her back and pulled
my **** into her from behind. Don't know to this day who the mystery guy was but he didn't half shoot his load inside her!

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I, too, met my wife when she was 26. After we were married we counted up the number of sexual partners each had. She had had 26 - one of each year of her life. Two were long-term boyfriends which meant the other were much shorter, including a number of one night stands. Her hottest experiences was when she would have two "dates" in one day, although she never did multiple men together. A girl has to have standards!