Lets Him *** Inside Her

My wife likes to ********** me and if i ask she will tell me her history with details. She told me about going to this guys apt. and drinking wine. They start to make out on the couch and while kissing he starts to fondel her ****. Very soon he takes off her top and bra and starts kissing her nipples. She says this is getting her aroused and the next thing she knows he has her panties down and is rubbing her clitoris. She says it felt so good when he put his finger in her moist *****. Even better when he put two fingers in. He had pulled out his penis and put her hand on it . She said it felt so silkie and that she had never felt a penis with a foreskin before . He then rolled on top of her and started rubbing his penis against her ***** lips. She spread her legs and pushed down to get his member inside. she was so hot and it felt so big. He pushed her legs up and proceded to push it all the way in. She asked him not to *** inside her, but when he said he was ready to *** she locked her legs and arms around him and made him *** inside her. She wasen't on any form ob birth control and was worried until she got her period. She said she really enjoyed it, but never dated him again. If you enjoyed this,I may write about another experience.....
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Would love to read about your other experiences.