She Does Not Remember

She lost her virginity at 14, now that she looks back she realized that she was over sexed and she was always little wet, in average she got sexed 2-3 times a week during her teenage years, in college away from home she was the "to go girl" for the horny and aggressively convincing guys that would not take an easy no for an answer, she always told herself she will quit being "easy" but it seems it never worked, she does not remember how many guys did her in the 4 years and 2 different Universities she attended, she got it under the football stands in the gym in the dorm in the woods in peoples apartments, she really could not say no.
After graduation she got more confidant and continued her active sex life, sometimes 2 dates in the same day, sometimes 2 dates in the same weekends, she only had few long term boyfriends, one for 2 years and another 4, even then it was very difficult for her to say NO, it was like her destiny to relive all the hard on's that came her way.
We got married in her early 40s by then she had experienced gang-bangs in few different occasions, she got turned on by having sex with men on the same day they met.
She has a very loose butt hole from all the Anal sex they did to her, she started the anal thing in latter years but got butt fu*ked hundreds of times since then.
Now most of her sexual interest is directed towards me and has no interest on other man. We always been happily married, one thing that kinda embarrass her today is there are 4 guys that had sexual relationship with Ann at her work before we started dating, one guy, for 2 straight years used to convince her to give him a blow job and then eventually only butt **** her at his office in the average about 2-3 times a week and sometimes twice a day, any time the guy was horny and had a hard on it seems she was bending over even though many times she did not want too. She says he is the reason her anal hole is so loose, he butt fu*ked her many-many times, the thing she remembers is all the ***** that would drip out of her after  he had sex with her, she says he had a thick and chunky tool, his wife never knew about it and the ladies are still kinda friends over the phone when she calls to talk to him.
Treder Treder
51-55, M
Jan 23, 2013