My Husband Loves Hearing About My Past

M y husband loves me to tell him about my past lovers. He gets very turned on when I tell him about previous people I have been with, especially when I go into details about them. I am starting to also enjoy telling him these stories as I now know he does not get jealous and I like to see him get really turned on hearing them.

He likes my stories about my ex boyfiend with the big one the most.

My husband is trying to get me to share some of these stories on this site.

Let me know if anyone would like to read some of my stories that get my husband turned on so much.

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15 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Stories from a wife or GF are much hotter than anything you can read as it becomes so much more real. You can see, touch, taste the same things that are being described in her story. Had a gf years ago that use to do that. Always a hot night... posted one story.

YES...please tell us about your past experiences!!!

Definitely would like to hear your stories!

Same thing happends to me and now he wants me to be with someone else while he watch

i would love to hear your naughty stories

I would love to hear them and fantasize it's my wife telling them

Yessssssssssssssssssssss please

of course, i'd love to. I too love to hear stories from my wife's sexual past, its a huge turn on

I absolutely would love my wife to tell me her stories when she is going down on me or stroking me. I find it such a turn-on. I don't know what it is but it has me ******* in minutes!

Are you kidding? Of course we'd all like to hear your stories. Please let us know when you post them!

let's hear it.

Well..YES....please share your experiences with us!!!!

I've always loved to hear about my lover's past (and sometimes, current) experiences. It really fires up my sexual drive to hear about a woman's past experience. Lets hear about it!

I too love hearing my wifes stories and definitely would love to hear yours