I'm Not Alone Then. ..... Good to Know

Hey great to hear that I'm not the only one who loves hearing about his wife's past.  I have been somewhat successful in getting information about my wifes past, but still want to hear more of course.

Here is one story that I have coaxed out of her.

She was on spring break with two of her girlfriends.  She was single and horny and had never previously had a one night stand.  She told me that she met this guy in a bar and danced with him all night.  She went back to his hotel room and she was playing hard to get.  He ended up getting up her skirt and eating her ***** and fingering her ***** and *** (first time anything had been in there).  She lost control and let him **** her.  This is where she stops giving me details.  She doesn't tell me if she blew him, or if they got together again on the trip.  I think my wife thinks she has shared too much.  In reality, I would like to hear more.  (I'm a weirdo, outside of this group that is!)

at any rate, i love hearing about it.  if i get more from her, i'll drop it on here too. 

thanks for reading and sharing your stories too.


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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

I thought i was a weirdo as well but i've loved hearing my wife's sex stories since the first one she told. She was talking to her friend and that girl's boyfriend about the first BJ she gave and how she wanted to tell her friend about it right after it happened but with her mom in the room all she could say was "BJs had a sale today, on hotdogs". I said did she get it? She said "i think so, but i didnt want my mom to know i had just sucked a **** for the first time". I've been hooked ever since.