Wow, From the Getgo, We Lucked Out!

I met my now ex-wife in South Africa when I was on a fishing trip and it was really dull and it seemed everything I wanted to do would get me a fine, a warning, or arrested.on one of the first nights our group began talking and to have real fun you had to cross the border into Botowswana. I asked one of the sparsly clad hotties what she meant. Very openly she said most of the group are swingers or other openminded activitys. She said anything goes in that country and that's why were here.I first thought they were trying to freak me out, but I said give me an example. Her name is Chris and said I'll explain. You notice were all just short of naked and looking like we had signs around their necks saying"anyone up for hot fun" one of her pals asked me if my growing bulge seas for chris and I said he'll yes.he then said S. African men did not enjoy or for that matter know how to go down. I grabbed the girls thigh next to me and started her as my hardon sprang to life.this was getting hotter and one of the girls spread her legs on the sand and asked me to show them. Mind you, this whole group were hotties I dove right in. Knowing that Chris and her friend never had been face....we turned Ravinous. I did her missionary, doggey, legs over her shoulders till she came in my mouth in ushes.with all the heavy breathers most all were joining I was laying back one couple described watching each other and how it changed their sex appetites. My friends wife dropped her sarong to show her smoothly shaved crotch moistened with precum and said "honey, I'm going to screw my clot off with you wonderful sex fiends and went to a couple who turned into a knot of appendages. The openness there brought swinging to a new level that didn't stop there.I pulled Chris aside and asked her if she liked *******, shrugged her shoulders and smiled, whispering that she knew this was going to be fun. As I gently massaged deeper her hip rotations and rythem made her begin to gush and squirt as her quivering mouth asked what Are you doing to me as I kissed her deeply.what a pleasant evening. Nobody noticed but we had drawn an audiance from the different restaurants and casino. There would still be slot more to be had by all but it was still early. Not one bit of jealosy reared it's evil head that night and a highlight of what was to come. I got close to chris as a primary partner but enjoyed watching her and playing with her a great blessing to us both and to all. More to come soon. Till then..........
Slitsharer Slitsharer
Mar 12, 2009