My Wife

I love to hear about my wife's past.  For a while she would tell me the stories, but for some reason won't anymore.  At any rate, here is a recap of what she did tell me (I can provide details if you wish).


She has ****** at least 15 guys (possibly more that she can't remember).  She has blown at least one more on top of that and given a ******* to at least two more.  I figure that she is missing at least two in the list somewhere, which means that my wife has personally made at least 20 different ***** ***.  For some reason I often think to myself "that is twice as many guys as are on a basketball court at one time" while I'm eating her *****.  It turns me on to know that she has had that many ***** in her and that most of them shot their *** deep in her *****.  Of the 15 that she ******, she did everyone of them without a condom.  She loved to feel them shoot their *** deep inside her *****.  This turns me on greatly as well.  I love to think about all of these guys shooting their *** in her *****.


She ****** a guy at a bonfire in the back of a pickup while people were standing around watching.  She then went back to the party with his *** inside her ***** all night long, slowly leaking out.

She ****** a guy she just met in a car while waiting in line to get tickets to a concert.

She ****** a friend of her boyfriend (in the apartment she shared with her boyfriend) to get back at him for cheating on her.  Once her boyfriend was passed out, she told his friend "I want to **** you right now to get back at him."

She blew a guy at another bonfire in the cab of his pickup, again while people were right outside.

She ****** her boyfriend in front of several of his friends.

She got caught giving her boyfriend a ******* by her boyfriends dad.


I love hearing her tell me about her past, and she knows it.  She doesn't like to do it anymore because she wants it to be about just me and her, not me, her, and an ex-****. 

Still, I can't help but get turned on when I think about another man shooting his load into her *****, the very ***** that I am now ******* or eating out.  I so wish she would be more open about telling me stories.


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I would luv to here more detailsabout her past. Can you emailsome?

Great Stuff. My wife also had a lot of adventures. I wish I was there to watch, and maybe clean up after.