Wifes Summer School Adventures

When my wife drinks and we talk I love to here about her past adventures. She had an interesting past. One time she told me about attending summer school. We were going together but not yet serious. There was this boy at school and at break time they would go out to the football field and sit in the bleachers and talk. Well one day they started making out and he slid his hand into her pants. He fingered her cunn y and got her horny. They went under the bleachers and continued.

when she got under there she undid his zipper and his coc k sprang out. She said it was rock hard. She stroked him and sukced him into her mouth. It wasn't her first time but she thought it might be his. She worked his cokc deeper and deeper. it didn't take long  for him to explode. It became a 2x daily thing.

jimjbubba jimjbubba
51-55, M
Mar 6, 2010