Wifes First Story She Told Me

My wife first told me about your sexual past when we were dating about 3 years into our relationship. We were still trying to feel each other out in regards to our sexual desires and such. We began talking about it one day on the telephone. We were just talking talking about ex's when she started to tell me a story about an ex boyfriend of hers that had a really big ****. As she was telling me this brief story I remember getting so hard, and it was such a turn on.T


He next evening she came over to my house, and we were making out and we continued the conversation from the previous night. She told me about a night she sucked his big **** in a parking lot. She was telling me how turned on he was. How much he came, etc. As she was telling me detail after detailing, I was playing with her down there. i could feel her getting wetter with every detail that she recalled to me. It was like a faucet down there, as I fingered her.

As I did this I got harder and harder and she told me every detail. We both came so hard from this first evening.

She still tells me things every now and then, and they still get me rock hard. I have other stories that are very erotic and will go into detail in another post. Just wanted to post a short thing this evening.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

I too love hearing how my GF used to be like with her ex's. So very hot