Glorious Moment..

I was in class today, and it seemed there was a burst of kids who needed to use the restroom. But, my teacher only allows one at a time to go. None seemed to desperate because when she replied "it may be awhile" to their response no one seemed to complain. Till one girl came up and asked "Can I go to the bathroom?" The teacher replied similarly. She moaned a little and went back to her seat. I thought I heard her say "my bladder's going to burst." Then she clearly said to me "I have to pee SO bad." and she must have had to go because we don't even know each other that much. I replied that she has quite a bit of wait. She sat on her seat with her legs like double crossed. "I'm going to pee my pants." she said  to her friend. She didn't know who was going to the bathroom at the time so she walked up to the teacher and said in a very desperate voice. "Can I go to the bathroom yet?" My teacher replied "There's still one out and one before you." She walked up and leaned up against the wall talking to her friend "I drank this whole tea & my bladder is NOT used to it." Then her and her friend persisted to talk about like coach bus trips, and other places where peeing is inconvient. All the talk and she started pacing back and forth. "Oh my goodness why is it that when I really have to pee, everyone is taking so long." but just then it was her turn. I wish I had heard about her desperation before she asked. I would have asked  to go to the bathroom and take an exceptionally long time. (:
MaiYuki MaiYuki
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I on the other hand would have wanted to follow her and spy on her relief

I love desperation too. Its so naughty of you to want to make her wait. I would have done the same thing though. Or asked another girl to go before her if I could. Anything to prolong her desperation. Thanks for sharing