Hot Teacher's Diarrhea At School

I once had to stay in school late in the afternoon, because I had to complete some exam which I missed. I was standing at the door of my classroom, waiting for the teacher, and the teachers' bathroom was pretty close. This bathroom is very small, basically you can step in, and there's a small sink there, and immediately next to it is the toilet.
Suddenly the door of the teachers' lounge flew open, and out came the hot, young, plump English teacher. Without even noticing me, she opened the bathroom door, went in, and slammed it shut.

I heard clothes rustling, and a few seconds later, all hell broke loose as her ***-valve released. A very loud explosion was heard as huge amounts of diarrhea splattered the toilet bowl, and great volumes of butt-gas made noisy escapes through her open valve. Sometimes the splattering was followed by splashes as more solid poop also came out of her. There she was inside, her beautiful female body, and her nice round *** erupting like a volcano. I had a huge erection. I wish I could've seen the look on her face while her body was producing these effects.

Suddenly it all stopped. I heard her wipe, flush, wash hands, and then she came out. She noticed me, and looked at me a bit strangely, and I gave her a half-smile. I never talked to her about this, but from then on, she always looked at me with a slightly strange face when she noticed me.

 She must've never had a chance to go to the toilet that day, with all the classes she had to teach, and all that mess must have been building up, and building up, and building up behind her poop-gate well into the afternoon.
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great story have any more? how bout peeing?

Wonderful story, I have been lucky enough to listen to Mum like that & a few of her neighbours. Not all had the runs, but they all took a long time to poop & I must have *** a few times listening to them. Steve xxx

Hi, I can understand how you must have felt. I had several experiences like that when I was going to school. I used to love to sneak into the teacher's toilets and listen. Steffi xx

That's right, but this particular woman was the sexiest teacher in school! At least to me. :)

Wonderful, exactly like I used to listen to the teacher's at my school. Steffi xx

You don't always think of them as "mere mortals", but teachers are humans, too. And everybody poops! Some, more than others, too.