All The Time, But One Time In Particular Was Sexy

Living in dorms with community bathrooms in college means that I've heard many, many women peeing and none of them particularly excited me, it all had a business as usual vibe to it lol.

Well, in my 3rd year, I lived in a dorm on the eastside of campus with just one co-ed community restroom for the whole floor. The way this restroom was set up was that it was a pass through meaning from one door, I could see straight ahead out of the other. Once inside, the two stalls were in the back, then there was a wall with the mirrors and two sinks in front. Beyond that was the washer and dryer. To the left of the dryer there was a stall door yet it didn't lead to a toilet, once open you could see it was a very spacious handicap shower stall. In between the washer and dryer there was a opening that led to two additional individual shower stalls. This was the year that I heard the one instance of a woman peeing that turned me on.

The people in this area tended to be more social, than what I experienced while living on the westside, so there often was visitors in the bathroom. Anyways moving on to the actual experience, I was in the restroom using the large stall when a girl wearing heels came in and yanked hard on the stall door, of course it was locked. I figured that she would walk around the sinks to the other stall. Instead what I heard was the heels walking over and the locking of the handicap stall. I heard the rustling of clothing being moved out of the way and a torrent of pee as this unknown woman pissed on the shower floor. After she was done, I heard the door unlock and she left. A few seconds later, as I was leaving the stall, all I could smell was her perfume. I guess this experience turned  me on b/c it was a woman that was rather desperate and she was dressed up. I've never had an experience like that since.
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I love when women are all dressed up & desperate. I just want to go to the bathroom with them & sit on their laps in a straddling position & cuddle them while I listen to the loud hissing soundtrack emanates from under them.

Sounds like quite an adventure for both of you ;)