I Love It

Its very fun to hear women pee, especially when they really have to, or go for a long amount of time.

When i was younger around 10, my sisters friends came over. My sister(14) was having a sleep over and i was young enough not to be pushed out if i walked in. Many of her friends were attractive.

Well the last friend to arrive came in with a big gulp from a gas station, and she threw it in the trash about 30 minutes later. The entire night she didn't once go into the bathroom.

Well, in the middle of the night(i had stayed up t play video games) i heard someone walking(we had hardwood floors). I looked out to see the girl walking quickly down the hall opening random doors. She was looking for the bathroom.

She finally found it and barely closed the door, leaving it partially cracked. I clearly heard everything going on. The light being switched on, the slam of the toilet seat going down. And the sound of her sitting down.

Along with a very loud hiss, as i heard her sigh. The hiss went on for about 45 seconds of very high pressure before she stopped. she came out looking highly releived.
Rockos Rockos
18-21, M
Sep 16, 2012