Forever Ain't Real

You were my first. My only. I loved u and did not care what anyone said. You made me smile each day. Love don't last forever although people assume it does. U were my everything ...remember my first kiss? We were in the hunger games...we got bored so we walked out...we just set there, I kissed up lips. I fell in love all over again. I won't forget that moment, I was shy, u helped me through it. Another time, I took u on my back and ran with u around the mall. People stared, I couldn't care less...I loved u. We found a dead end, we made use of that place, u set in between my legs and we listened to romantic Indian music..I whispered in ur ear how much I loved u, u smiled and told me u loved me too, I kissed up lips. My heart pounded....1 week later, we separate. Every night my eyes were red, I loved u, more then u knew, every single song I heard bout love, if thought came in my's been 5 months, still the same...feelings are fading ...I love u...
Never make something ur everything , cause when it's gone u left with nothing
Rish11 Rish11
13-15, M
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

im touched to tear