Vedic Music To My Aviation Genre Of Favorite's Jonn Serrie And Bruce Bec Var # 1

Through the Radio Broadcasting of: "Music From the Hearts Of Space"

I collected my Favorite Genre Lifestyle Interest in what is: "My Favorite Genre Lifestyle Interest In Music"

What has come from this Syndicate in representing another form of Musical Style Genre to our World, which is in my Taste for such.

Ambient Space Music!

My Favorite Musicians for: Aviation Epiphany and Ayurveda is shared here ...

Ayurveda and Vedic Terms means: "The Magic of Healing Music"

In 1995 as I picked up more of: Bruce BecVar's Music.

Came Out his most Wildest Works of such Music and found it Awesome!

Music for Deepak Chopra, who was looking for Ambient Music that works extensively as: "The Magic of Healing Music", through the Sanskrit Doshas.

Where as I have been and was always in not in my best of Terminology's. Into the Chakra's and what that all means: Ayurveda and Vedic sources of our Environment. It does fit my Genre I Favor Most ...

Bruce BecVar and Brother Brian BecVar worked together to Bring 3 Doshas of "The Magic of Healing Music" for: Deepak Chopra.

And what I learned from this ...

VATA = relaxing
PITTA = calming
KAPHA = invigorating

2 for each peace lasting between 18 to 20 minutes long In: Ambiance.

Morning as a: 1st Piece and an Evening as for a: 2nd Piece.

Meanwhile I can not play youtube videos On-Line with my Computer, as for my Computer Connection. I can get bits of such and know what I am getting, because I have this music myself on CD's as my personal collection for years now.  And I was a littel patient to see some little stuff and got the idea brought forward, from previous days and of hours of waiting to see what these youtubes represent.

My Favorite Musicians:  Jonn Serrie and Bruce BecVar in these youtube Picks I like to represent My Moments and Not as the World is only using Aviation to get somewhere. Aviation Flight is actually for my Moment of Journeys in (ITS) Own Experience Itself! Ayurveda and Vedic ...

Now take a Journey with Me and Know Me ...

Let me start out with:  Jonn Serrie's: "On a Frontier of Fables"

My Depiction of Ayurveda and Vedic Experience from my Favorite Music for Aviation Flying in an Airliner 30,000 (Some Altitude) in Flight ...

Bruce BecVar's VATA


The Culture that Liked Bruce BecVar's KAPHA morning in Part ...

I hope you are understanding my Genre? 

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Jan 21, 2013