My Discovery Was ? July ? 1986 S T A R F L I G H T 1

I lived in Sacramento, California from 1979 - 2007. I'm now living in Aberdeen, Washington. My Discovery of "Hearts Of Space" was in the Year: 1986 and the Month (I Believe) was July?.  I had been watching on PBS this Science Fiction British's Classic's of 1970's (Doctor # 4 Tom Baker) "DOCTOR WHO" or it might had been (Doctor # 5 Peter Davidson) (???) Just as it Ended on a Saturday Night of "DOCTOR WHO" it would be the Start of Sunday at Midnight. I turned on the Radio and was curious of the Classical & Jazz Channel KXPR FM. When I started hearing it, I heard Steven Hill announcing things about the Program with awesome ambiance in the background.  And it was the Epitome of my evening. After a Science Fiction in the Middle of the night, was a time to Chill in the Midnight of Astronomy and Space.  The program being Announced was:  "STARFLIGHT 1"  having Artist:

Michael Amerlin, Tim Clark, Kevin Braheny and Steve Roach.

Then the Ambiance of the Music had Raptured my Night of Chill and Wonder.  I was feeling like it was taking me for a Big Trip and having myself Traveling Beyond the Sounds of Earth.  After the Hour concluded I was Stunned. I had to get back on this.  The Following week of listening I got the Address Information and gotten the Catalog. When I got the Catalog,  I began my Cassette Tape Orders of the Music. I got the Radio List and Studied the Musicians on the List and Made my Favorite Orders.  I was hooked on "Hearts Of Space" since.  Being March 2010 now.  That adds up for me knowing of "Hearts Of Space" for 23 years now.

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Wow, I can't tell you the very first show I heard. I'd have to look it up. I used to record the shows off the radio. I don't think I recorded the first show I heard. I remember at the time I only had 90 minute tapes and being that the show was 60 minutes I would end up with an extra 15 minutes at the end. Eventually I got the 60 minute tapes and transferred those first shows to the correct length tapes. I'm glad I did that for I still listen to those tapes. There's no way I could afford all the music I like.