Tired Of Forcible Christian Haters

I'm tired of sociopathic Christians saying "Metal is the devils music" or "Rock n Roll will damn you to hell". To all you idiots who believe this, maybe if you'd take ten seconds to listen to the frigging lyrics, you'd see metal isn't all blood-drawing and brain bashing. Half the sh*t I listen to is either pure inspirational music or just a catchy melody that isn't the slightest bit satanic.

I'm a christian and I ******' love heavy metal music.

Gotta problem with that? Too bad, I don't rightly give a damn - last time I checked, its a damn sin to care what other people think I.E pride

So there ya go.
DjKleven DjKleven
18-21, M
1 Response May 8, 2012

u're right!real christians don't waste time judging people but always try to understand others respect them and their personnality, and work hard to help them. Jesus Himself didn't reject jerks, prostitutes, blinds, leprous... He accepted them and heard their voices and took them to His side. So those ppl rejecting us are just satanics with white dresses and and fake halo, hyppocrites_who doesn't make mistake in this world??_ dunno how to make them face the truth... Cheer up! "Jesus is in the main line" Aerosmith :)