I Traveled 17 Hours For A Single Concert.

I am obsessed with heavy metal, more of the underground music really than anything else; and more so, mostly Scandinavian bands. It lets something on the "outside" match the fast-paced(ness) on the "inside" for one. I am always thinking about new ideas, writing, theories, projects, etc... Well anyway, Wintersun has been one of my favorite bands for a very long time (no pun intended, if you get that ;)) and they were supposed to release their second album in 2006. They just released it Oct. '12! After waiting so long for this album to drop, I immediately took off work, bought tickets (concert and flight), and flew my *** to Jyväskylä, Finland. After 12 hours flying in economy class and a five hour bus ride from Helsinki, I got to go to the opening and album release show and meet the entire band. Heavy metal, the sounds, the lyrics, the deepness, etc., humbling saying here, has saved my life in so many ways; unfortuneately, mostly from myself and the grimmer thoughts that scatter through my brain at times. Anyway, Cheers!

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Hi, Ada,
I was very pleased to read that you like Winersun as much as I do! But so far I didn't travel by aircraft for 12 hrs to see a show. But I saw Wintersun live, at a place only 1hrs by car from my home! Wintersun is really a fantastic band - no doubt!! The lyrics are touching me very much! I am at an age (52) when time (or: what's left of it!) plays an important role! So the lyrics are really very touching! The music itself, too, of course!! I possess both Wintersun albums; I can't wait to see TIME II to be out on the market! Probably I will be one ofthe first buyers when the album is released!!
Besides Wintersun, I love other Scandinavian Heavy Metal bands... best of those certainly (for my music taste) is SABATON (from Sweden); also Thunderstone (Finland) and not bad is Dark Tranquility (Sweden) either. It was very late in my life when I fell in love with Heavy Metal, just at the age of 51. Incredible, but true!! Read my full story 'My journey to Heavy Metal music' by metalheart2012.
Wish you many more opportunities to see Wintersun and other bands... keep rockin' hard! Cheers! metalheart2012

lol, thanks! and honestly, I haven't watched TV or movies in around 3 years ;)) even when I did, I didn't very often so I haven't heard of that movie, but I'll assume it has something to do with this subject matter - ha!

Almost Famous is the true life story of Cameron Crowe when he was just 15 in San Diego he started writing reviews of rock concerts and ended up getting a job w/Rolling Stone Mag but they did not know he was 15.He gets to go on tour w/a band.Anyway I think you would love the movie,I have seen it at least 15 times.I am willing to travel great distances to see a concert and I love your story.Thanks.

wow and I thought I loved music because I have been to over 250 concerts and have flown to see a show but not a 12 hour flight.You are one awesome fan.
"Almost Famous" your fav movie perhaps?
Fun to read this story thanks.