Heels And Ff Stockings

just love walking about in heels while wearing Ff stockings!love the feel of pulling on my Ff stockings over my shaved legs!it feels so good to be a sissybitch who walks about in heels while wearing Ff stockings!have loved how it feels to walk in heels since i first tried a pair on at 13!enjoy it more now that i fully dress while wearing heels!keep my body shaved since it feels more fem and love how my panties and Ffstockings feel against a shaved body!!!
mandiejune mandiejune
51-55, M
5 Responses Jul 17, 2010

I love seeing gurls showing off thier stockings and high heels. Especially when they know a guy like me is watching and wanting her.

I love how my legs look in heels and stockings! The feel of the fabric on my legs and the heels on my feet takes me away to a better happy place. Love my heels and stockings!! Love to collect different color stockings and the mix and match with my heels. FUN!!

I love to look at my legs when I put on my sheer stockings and heels.They look and feel so great.<br />
when a man compliments me he can have what he wants from me.<br />
I love to watch a man's eyes watch me.Knowing what is going through his mind gets me hornyn everytime.<br />
Thanks men for being men.I will try and please you always.<br />
Louise CD

there is not much better than heels and stocking to make all feel like we are on top of the world!!!! click click

Oh and how I feel the same way! I love the rush I get when I slip a new pair of sheer full-fashioned nylon stockings up my freshly shaved and creamed legs! Then to slip my feet into a pair of 4 inch stilleto heeled black patent pumps and clasp the ankle straps and strut about!! Oh it is such an exquisitely sensual feeling! This has been one of the best parts of my life ever since when at age 11 my cousins put a garterbelt, panties and sheer nylon stockings on me and had me try on their high heels! even that young I got rock hard from the feel of the sheer, delicates on my young skin and genitals!