Heels Into A Hospital Again..and Getting Caught By My Dad..later That Night.

Hi....again yesterday...i wore heeled boots into a hospital. i got nervous like always...and so i just did it. i dont think many people looked at me because...they did not look down...but being in an elevator with women ... was very nerve racking. walking out of the hospital i saw a couple hot girls ... that were like 35 - 40 years old. i dont know it they noticed.... and then i think the receptionist at the information desk knows that i wear heels...but im not sure. .....but later that day.. my dad found out about my heels 2 pairs of panty hose and bra. his is yesterday...i dont know what to say...i dont know what to do .... although he did bring it up last night. i dont want to disipoint him...cause im his son. but idk...help maybe?
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My father was more fearful for me about the homosexuality question ("gay" wasn't in his vocabulary) than Mom. He was intimately familiar with his own preoccupation with seeing women clothed and wet, but that didn't help him with his worries over me.<br />
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I had a gay friend closer to my dad's age who was respectful of me even though we could never be lovers. Dad knew him, and knew of his sexual orientation. Bob told Dad as persuasively as he could that he could stop worrying. "Believe me, I would know," he had said in conclusion. This Bob reported to me; I wasn't present for the conversation.<br />
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Your father and you have had a difficult moment, but I don't think he's going to give himself more trouble over it than you have. Probably less. He's older, and somewhere deep, he loves you.

I am not one to give advice in this matter, I've been in the closet for 30+ years! If you don't want to stay in the closet all your life, like me, talk about it, if they want to talk about your stash. <br />
I know how hard it is to do that....I still haven't because, I guess I like both worlds I live in. <br />
I just can't feel like a girl as much as I would like lately.<br />
Good luck sister!!!

Yeah Wow again..Your stash was discovered and nothing was said ? At least not at the time of this story date.<br />
If he has not said anything by now..You both may have a secret in common.Hmmm.<br />
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Good luck...;-)

wow - yeah tough talks ahead... Just wait, if they ( he) brings it up - then you can get into it - they (he) may not have a problem with it - but just need some explanations to questions they don't understand<br />
so .. once you start it will flow easier - the conversation may not get easier , but we can't all have easy lives.... - just remember we all go through this... SD

Yikes! Dad caught you, that's not a good thing. Mom's are much easier to explain this to. My Dad never knew, my Mom just thought that it was a phase. I think it all depends on how cool your Dad is. Assure him that you aren't bi or gay, you just like wearing the clothes and see where it goes. Wish I could be more help.

Wow. This is a tough one for me, partially because I've yet to fully reveal my interest in female foot attire and my fetish. When they did discover my small collection of female shoes, I simply got mad because they invaded my privacy. However, if it is possible, maybe if he is open minded, you could explain to him that you have an interest in female clothing. If not, he may believe that the articles belong to a lady friend of yours. Or maybe he would believe that you are dressing up for a play of some sort or convention, and you need to practice wearing female clothing. (I know it sounds like I am encouraging a lie, but the truth would be better if he listens.) As they say, heels were made for guys to begin with anyway. Especially for the upper class. And during the Shakesperian era, it was common to see a guy dressed in female attire during plays and whatnot. I hope this helps, and best of luck. P.S. once they found my stash, I got a lock. Even though I am moved out, I still keep it all locked away.