Sky High Heel Lover

I am a shoe lover and especially sky high heels. I don't consider a pair of shoes to be high heel unless they have at least a 4 inch heel. Many of my heels are 5 inches and higher. My favorite pairs of heels are 5 1/2 inches high and I love to wear them. I love pumps, sandals, boots, booties, and everything in between.

I am an avid cyclist and think I have great legs from all of my cycling and wearing high heels just accentuates my great legs. I love the fact that when I walk the click of my heels will turn the heads of most men and when they see my legs they can't quit looking. I will wear high heels as long as I am able to walk.
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We do think alike. I consider a shoe with a heel shorter than 4 inches to be flats. And I prefer my heels 5" to 6". The click of the stiletto heel gets their attention, but it's the sheer nylon encased on your legs that casts a spell on men - along with your shoes.

I would LOVE to look at your heels and jack off. I would shoot my **** all over them. LOVE pumps!

I wish you could find more heels over 5 inches that don't have the ugly platform at the bottom!

dam right

Thank you!

I love women in high heel and nylon covered legs. They stilettos have a wonderful sound all there own, that I just love and looking at those leg just get me hard. If in a store I will go down an isle so I can see them a gain or just follow her admiring her legs and shoes.

Oh don't I know it. The click of my stilettos will turn all heads my nylon encased legs keep their eyes on me.

Women like you always turn my head. Love to see women in heels and stockings. Keep it up!!!

:-) Thank You, as a lover of sky high heels I will keep it up.

I love heels but I stop a 4"
The taller heels are just too uncomfortable for me. The most painful but beatiful shoes I own are my leopard and black Jimmy Choo's at 4". I love them but can't wear them very long. Lol

I love to meet another high heel lover but sorry to hear that higher heels hurt your feet. Your Jimmy Choo's sound fabulous enjoy wearing them.

How much your height ?