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It's been 10 years since Iv chose to waer an hijab. Whe I was 8 you couldn't pay me a million dollars to wear one, I thought it was too much, and I kept thinking that ppl will laugh and make fun of me for wearing one.Anyway when I was nine my mom satrted to wear a hijab , and she looked really good with it on, and I wanted to look like her.Iv been wearing an hiba since than. When I first wore it, it was kinda weird, but eventually I got use to it. Even after peeple made fun of me, treated me like crap, before and after 9/11, I decided to stay true to Allah and true to myseldf and havent taken my hijab off since. Its not about what others think it's about what Allah think.Being a muslim is my life and wearing an hijab is beautiful, modest and it's my style.
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I believe God calls all women to dress modestly according to our custom.

That's great. I have a very strong faith too. Infact, I'm going to be an ordained miinister. May I make a suggestion, when you wrote in your other posts about being poor and your neighbors ask Allah to help you get through it. even if the situations don't change, you will get peace. Please message me ok. Hug hug

Ahh now i know sorry i miss this things and yeah im glad you practice that one,though i always admire Muslim Women because of the the things they do and all.

thanks you're so sweet really appreciate it !<3

Ma Sha Allah and In Sha Allah my friend tigerlily

Mash'Allah sis. May Allah keep you eternally steadfast in your dedication to merciful Allah in every righteous action you apply in your life - ameen.<br />
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When one wears the hejab, they are not covering their beauty because true beauty is what's inside; the intentions, the personality, what one says and does.<br />
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Thanks for sharing your experience:)<br />
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MashaAllah tysm!!!!!!