i love Hello Kitty...  i can't help it.  i have ever since i was young.   i have a HK shower curtain and a few other things.  my 10 yr old son makes fun of me and never ceases to let it be known in any store that mommy likes HK when he finds an item.  lol

they also have a site online called Hello Kitty Hell.  it's funny.  the guy that runs it, his wife supposedly is a HK freak and has all kinds of HK stuff around the house and he goes nuts.  lol

dreamraider dreamraider
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Hi there Dreamraider, i like people that like hello kitty, she is adorable. I don't have a kitty, but i want one. I noticed that you play guitar, I picked up a harmonica 25 years a go and taught myself to play. have you ever posted any of your music online. I have a couple of songs on my you tube page. David

well i like hellokity too

i especially like the cars on the site - and gotta love the AK-47! lol

Haha, me too! I've been collecting hello kitty since I was five (I'm 33 now!)