I'm Not As Bad As I Used to Be!

It started it started out as a schoolgirl crush....oh how many stories begin that way take awful twists...but it's true!  I would save allowance for pencils and erasers at FAO Schwartz in NYC...I was 6 or 7 then.  Now I'm nearing 28.  And There is so much more Hello Kitty "gear" out there...trust me, there's a Hello Kitty everything.  And chances are, I either have it, or have had it--and had to sell it on ebay at some point during either undergrad or graduate school.  But I admit, I still spend a couple hundred dollars (at least) a year on stationary items, which I actually DO use.

Looking around my office alone, I can spy a number of the wonderful, always mood raising pink and red (the old-fashioned Blue Bird line is my favourite) HK and assorted Sanrio objects here and there.  Thank God I work from home!

melpaco melpaco
26-30, F
Jul 7, 2008