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I Also Love Hello Kitty

I'm an obsessive Hello Kitty FanBoy since i was 8!
I feel weird and uncomfortable when i don't have any Hello Kitty stuff on(like socks, shoes, shirts, watches)
Almost like everything on my room is Kittified.
My GF also likes Hello Kitty(Wich makes me lover her more and more)
I'm not Gay, its just that her Cuteness is overwhelming!
I have posters everywhere.

Most of this are made for Girls, but since i'm 13 and not big, they fit ok
Here is my Collection(Sorry, i don't have a Camera so i cant record my stuff)
I have:
4 Pairs of Hello Kitty Shoes(1 Pink, 2 Blue, and 1 Red)
2 Jackets(1 Red and 1 Blue)(This one's: )
15 Shirts
4 Pairs of Socks(1 Pink, 2 Blue, and 1 Red(They came out with the shoes)
2 Handwatches( , (the one in the right))
2 Big Plushies and 1 Small Plush
Like 35 Action Figures
Wallpapers everywhere
Like 200 Pics of HK in my PC
A Wall Clock( )
These 3 Undies( ), and these 6 Undies(
This Fan( )
An iPhone 5 Case
A Beed Sheet
2 EarPhones ( , )
For my 10th Birthday, i had a HK Cake
I have an HK Electric Guitar
This Headband(?) ( )
My GF got me this HK Jean a Week ago, its Made for women, but since i'm small, it fits me( ), and she buyed the jeans for me and the skirt for her( )
And just Yesterday, i found this Jacket( ) and this Shorts ( ) at a low price in Walmart, and since i don't want people looking at me like "WT?", i called her to buy them.

If you're thinking that I'm weird cause i have pink stuff...i seriously don't care what color it has as long as it has Hello Kitty in it.

Before Liking HK, my life was all dark, after liking HK my life just got full of Brightness and Happiness
I know how you girls feel, Hello Kitty is the Best!

I wouldn't be the same without HK
HelloKittyFanBoy HelloKittyFanBoy 18-21, T 3 Responses Dec 21, 2012

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thats awesome! i want more stuff than i have!

i have a hello kitty stocking and 2 pairs of panties and a cami hoping to get more

I love Hello Kitty :')

Me too!
Everyone Should!