When I First Met My Boyfriend

Last year when I first started MIB high school I was getting hit on a lot but I found someone more what I was looking for. I met him at a lunch room how romantic is that he asked where I got my bracelet. I hung out with him and his friends and he kept on picking on me but I was flirting to so I was like what the hell so we kept on poking each other in the gym....I was shy at first because I never thought someone like him would like me but like the next day his friend told me "would you go out with Elliot?" I was like "yes." I was so shy that day because I never met anything like him. We had some hard times because the boys that I met were trying to kiss me..... I did not like that..... I broke up with him for awhile and than I went back out with him..... I did that 2 times. I felt bad. I am still with him we have been going out for 2 years now. I am engaged now and we r both happy together. I love him no matter what happens. I want to have a family with him and have kids with him I don't want nobody else just him and nobody else.... I fell deeply in love. I had sex with him so I know what love feels like. I hope you guys love this story. :)
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 10, 2013