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I Really Do!!!


I love Hello Kitty!!A few years ago when my daughter was obsessed with Hello Kitty.I thought she was weird,lol,she had purses,t-shirts,socks,writing tablets,I thought it was a little strange for a 20 something year old to be so into something that I felt was for children.I never told her anything,I would just look at whatever she was showing me and say niiiccceee.After a while her phase passed.

I love Hello Kitty now I don't have purses,or socks or really anything with Hello Kitty on it even though I was just thinking I may buy me a Hello Kitty Picture and hang it here on my computer wall where I have many of my favorite things.I would love to look at Hello Kitty everyday as I sit here.She makes me really happy to look at her.She has all sorts of costumes now and I notice some of the people here at EP have Hello Kitty avatars.When ever I see one,I sometimes write to the person's whiteboard and tell them how much I love their avatar.I do have a love for kittens,I guess that's why I love her so much,she always brightens my day!!! 

TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 7 Responses Jul 6, 2009

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Hi annasangels,thank you I love it.I also love your name Anna,I used to take care of the sweetest little girl named Anna.Thanks for commenting!!!

oh i love kitty so so much!!!

Hey DaemonX of course I have to write a story about my new avatar.But I don't know if I should write it here or in the group called,I Love My New Avatar,I'll decide tomorrow.But thank you so much,I needed a change I was tired of looking at those lillies.And I did love my Wildlily avatar but I changed it when I went back to Lilycue.Your awesome!!!!

Hi strawberrybunny,well you know you made me smile as soon as I saw who commented,lol.I am definitely a child at heart,I think it's good to stay young especially when you get to be my age.I'm 51 but I don't feel it,I hope I never do,lol.Thank you for commenting!!

I'm a Hello Kitty lover too hence the AV. I have such items as jewellry, a mug, a hankie, a bag, cosmetic case and a purse.<br />
<br />
I think it all started when I was very young and given a coin purse which was a Hello Kitty face. I think i'm trying to keep a firm grasp on my childhood!

Hello Wraither,yes,I have a 7 year old granddaughter who wears the occasional Hello Kitty outfit but with her Hannah Montana definitely rules over Hello Kitty,lol!!

I'm happy for you :) Hello Kitty is not on a retreat, it's very popular with the new generation of little girls. I worked at a daycare center recently so I'm an eyewitness :P Bags and lunchboxes and rainclothes and whatnot.