My Dirty Little Secret.

Yes I am a girly girl who loves hello kitty.
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you suck man i mean that was not even a story not to be rude this is taylor harden

That is one tongue twister, try saying that 10 times fast while turning around on one leg. <br />

It's irresistible! Soon we'll all be utterly hello-kittied by the hello-kitty sake-ascii, seeing as hello-ascii-kitty always shares! And wow, I'm so drunk I'm overhyphenated.


OMG. That is the cutest little sake-ascii-cup imaginable!

(_) there a little sake-ascii-cup for hello-ascii-kitty <br />
<br />

hello-ascii-kitty does not want to know about your indiscretions in foreign lands!!!<br />
<br />
although if it's sake you're drinking, i do believe she'd like a cup....

Well with hard evidence I guess I really can't claim my innocences, can I! How about I use the Rudd defense and say "I was too drunk to remember" ^_^<br />

Hello Kitty...she is cute. i love kitties.

I am *DEFINITELY* not telling hello-ascii-kitty THAT word which you went and posted a story about! Then *she* would be speechless!

Too bad for you and the rest of EP, this voice is<br />

*listens intently* Hey... I do believe the speechlessness is subsiding! PHEW!!! :)

Aww I love the Hello-ascii-Kitty (great name) it was the speechlessness that scared me.<br />

Really?! That's no way to be about Hello-ascii-Kitty! She is only here to spread happiness, joy and the extended character set.

I'm a little scared to be honest!<br />


Oh my, I am speechless, for the first time ever! O_O<br />

It's all yours, I give you the patents! :) <br />
<br />
(and the lunchbox. and the pencil case. and the eraser. and the pencils. and the stickers. and the stationary set. and the backpack. and the cute hat. and the edge trimmer. and the surgical set)

Aww it's cute!<br />

(ok, ok, so that's a terrible hello-ascii-kitty... but she does have her bow! :D )

#(^ 0 . o&^)#