How To Help A Lot Of Animals??

I really feel like making an influential move. I love animals, and the way they are treated in the world is often terrible. I would really like to make a move that will touch a lot of people's hearts and make this huge ripple in the ocean of consciousness.

One of the things I started to do is make handcrafted notebooks with messages on the cover that promote animal rights or welfare. That's gonna be my business. I will advertise them online, donate to animal shelters etc. Another idea I had, is making T-shirts with my designs to promote animal rights, and maybe send my designs to PETA.

I really want to transmit the love for animals that I have to other people. How to do that? I recently saw a part of a documentary about animals on farms, and they showed a few piglets running in the slaughterhouse area, with the worker behind them. Sigh... I felt they are just like dogs, so cute and beautiful and gentle... It breaks my heart to watch documentaries like this, and I really dose them carefully, in order not to get overwhelmed.  What I need is action, not to get upset and hopeless. But I must admit, watching this makes me get out of my laziness and actually do something . I feel my hands are itchy, feel like taking action, to do even more. Feel like nothing is ever enough. I contacted a few animal rights organizations in my area. Some of them are temporarily closed, some of them don't need volunteers. I wonder what is it can I do more? ??

I thought of making a stand up comedy performance on the topic of vegetarianism. This is something that can really make people think without imposing seriousness for those who are not in the mood for it.
Another idea, was to create a blog on animal rights and paste my related artwork into it.
Another idea - make jewelry with messages about animal rights.
One more thing, I thought of cooking some really great vegetarian food at home, to sort of "advertise" for vegetarianism in a fun way. People like to eat, not just to hear stories about how vegetarian food can be as good as non-vegetarian one.
And, another idea is to get in touch with other people who feel as itchy as I do about taking action and share ideas.
If you have any great ideas how to help animals in an efficient way, or on a big scale,  or know great constructive sites related to animal rights, write to me.
Together we can make a difference.

p.s. My suggestion of a site would be
it's a TV channel dedicated to help people and animals and facilitate the switch to a vegetarian diet to save the planet from dangers of global warming and save the animals.

*Revisiting my own story: I recently opened a store online that sells apparel with the theme of animal rights.
Have fun. :)
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