But I Can't........

I collected Rosa as a kitten from the vets office, initially for a few weeks til he could rehome her, but once he saw us together he ticked that job off his mental 'to do list'..there was never a doubt in my mind that I'd keep her, or hers come to that!!   We had almost 12 fun & love filled years together..I donate money to animal charity and would help in any way needed, like recently an injured dog was thankfully reunited with his family.......I did agree to foster him shortterm if his family hadn't been found, but having now thought things through, I won't have any more pets, my heart has been so badly broken and I for one have decided not to risk it been broken again..not for anything
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3 Responses Dec 14, 2011

No one will replace Rosa, but each one brings his or her own love with them. I always say never again - but I can't turn my back. A bit of my heart breaks off and goes with each little one, but somehow there seems still enough to go round, in time you'll find that I'm sure, but you have to have time.

You and Rosa shared a beautiful Love. It will last forever. How you feel is understandable, when you love that deeply it is very painful to lose someone.

You and Rosa, you both were a great couple! <br />
I suffer everytime when one of my furry friends dies, but love without grief is impossible.