I Rescued a Hen Today!

Well sort of.  I found a stray hen clucking outside my window this afternoon.  My three cats were all looking interested but respectful. I guessed which of my neighbours might have got a hen and got it right first time. She had adopted 8 hens from a hen rescue centre yesterday to save them from slaughter at 18 months.  They were free range hens so I imagine this one was just ranging freely but with no experience of traffic. 

gooddog99 gooddog99
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4 Responses Mar 11, 2009

my free range gals are actually in an enclosure,,,,which come to think of it isn't exactly free range.....mmmm bit Irish

I love the way you write...a gift for us all to enjoy !

Thanks, hens are nice - they seem to relate to people in a way other birds just don't!

You did a really nice thing. I'm sure the hen appreciated it in her own way. Down in Key West, FL there is a chicken rescue. It is in a pretty little house, and you can go in there and pet chickens and roosters who are just walking around. There are chickens all over Key West. They run the place!