I've Done It Numerous Times.....

Or at least with numerous animals. As a kid, I used to try to nurse birds back to health. I once took in a dog... a pomeranian... who had gotten away from his owners. I put up flyers & kept him until they called & came to get him.

I found my third & youngest cat under our neighbors car about four & a half years ago, along with his mother & brothers & sisters. It had been pouring rain for days & I had been hearing meowing all that time, but didn't know where it was coming from. Finally, I realized it was coming from underneath my neighbors car, who we shared a driveway with. I tried for a long time to get them all & bring them in, but he was the only one who would come to me. They had all been abandoned by their owners when they moved. I don't understand how someone can do that to their animal. Especially when they have kittens. I had been planning on taking them all in & calling shelters the next day to see if any could take them, but since I couldn't get the rest, I still tried it with him. Well, luckily, I couldn't find a shelter to take him. Plus, I had gotten so attached to him immediately, I don't think I could have done it even if I had found a place. I was trying to find another place for him because we already had two cats & didn't have much money & I didn't think we could afford a third.

His mom & brothers & sisters ended being strays who stayed around our house for years. I ended up watching three generations of cats grow up. The kittens (my cats brothers & sisters) & their kids (lol). I would buy giant bags of cat food just for them & they would come by to be fed everyday. they even started coming around everyday at the same time because they knew what time I would be putting their food out lol. A cat which I strongly believe was his dad used to come around too, occasionally. I had even named a couple of them. His mother was Bella & one of his nieces was Speckles.

Other than his relatives, I also fed a beautiful cat who looked like a shrunked bobcat. He had a very short tail.. amost like a stub, & a face that looked like the chesshire cats in "Alice & Wonderland". There was also an orange mail kitten (about 8-10 months old) who came around for a while after his owners had abandoned him. I was going to keep him, but I could never get him to stay in the house very long. I would also feed the raccoons which, I guess, your not supposed to do.

I could go on & on lol, but I guess that's enough.

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Tried to save a baby bird that had fallen out of it's nest and was so injured that ants were surrounding it. Dead. I figured you can't save everyone.<br />
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One time I was going back from elementary school and noticed a jumping bag. Though it was a kitten, but actually it was a rabbit. Oh and it was winter. Considering a cat would eat him, I took him home. After a some googling I figured out it was some tropical type, obviously someone bought it and got bored of it. Oh and that tropical type couldn't handle the winter. He lived longer then expected for his breed. Probably cause he was eating my chocolate XD (that was supposed to be bad for him).